AB Lorentzen & Wettre Paper Crush Tester

L&W Crush Tester for efficient testing

L&W Crush Tester is an efficient and easy-to-use instrument intended for testing corrugated board, liner and fluting as well as performing compression tests on packages. The instrument measures new crush properties, such as flat crush hardness and the total energy absorbed during a FCT measurement. A built-in plate distance sensor can also be used to measure the corrugated board thickness.

L&W Crush Tester has many special features to make measuring easier. Measurement and start positions are memorised by the instrument, which makes the operation very easy. After the measurement, the calculated test result is presented directly on the display with the correct units.


Simple and correct measurement

All programming and settings are made once with a PC, which can then be disconnected from the instrument. After that the instrument is controlled with one or two pushes of a button on the instrument panel. The most commonly used settings are pre-set in the factory.
Distinctive features of the measurement plates are their very high parallelism and side stability during measurement; this is critical for obtaining accurate measurement results.

FCT value

To find the right FCT value can be difficult. An onboard calculation program evaluates the third “peak” of the FCT measurement automatically. A built-in plate distance sensor can also be used to measure the thickness of the corrugated board.

New crush properties

Flat crush hardness is a sensitive measurement used to evaluate crush-damaged corrugated board. Low flat crush hardness can indicate that the corrugated board has already been crushed during the conversion and an ordinary FCT measurement can not always determine this. The instrument can also report the total energy absorbed during a FCT measurement.

With special fittings, a basic score test assessment can be made. The quality of the score is important, for example, for the effective assembly and sealing of a corrugated board box.

All data can be sent to the computer for storage and to generate statistics. All statistics and measurement data can be printed out on an integrated printer.

  • Pre-programmed for a range of measurements
  • Easy to use
  • Robust construction
  • Gives automatically correct FCT value
  • Measures new crush properties
  • Performs score testing

L&W Crush Tester – Code 248


50–5000 N, 10–1000 lbf, 5–500 kgf


Stroke length
76 mm (3 in)
Deformation speed
1–50 mm/min
Return speed
60 mm/min (2.4 in/min approx.)
Plate size
125 × 125 mm (4.92 × 4.92 in)


 Measurement values
- breaking force
- score ratio (SQT)
- thickness
- ECT, FCT, PAT, RCT, CMT, CCT, CLT, flat crush hardness, flat crush energy
- mean value
- standard deviation
- coefficient of variation
- maximum and minimum values of the series



- connectable to L&W Autoline Data Acquisition Workstation


Installation requirements

75 W


L&W RCT sample holder
L&W CCT sample holder
L&W ECT sample holder, unwaxed sample
L&W SQT sample holder
Dynameter for calibration of load cell



0.5 × 0.3 × 0.6 m
20 × 12 × 24 in


0.25 m³
9 ft³

Net weight

44 kg
100 lb

Gross weight

50 kg
110 lb


Applicable standards
APPITA/AS 1301.449s, ISO 13820

APPITA/AS 1301.429s, EN 23035, FEFCO No.6, ISO, 3035, SCAN P 32, TAPPI T 825

APPITA/AS 1301.434s, PAPTAC D.24P, DIN 53143, EN ISO 7263, ISO 7263, SCAN P 27, TAPPI T 809

APPITA/AS 1301.407s, PAPTAC D.33P, DIN 53134, ISO 12192, JIS P8126, SCAN P 34, TAPPI T 822

SCAN P 42, TAPPI T 843

APPITA/AS 1301.444s, DIN 53149, EN ISO 3037, FEFCO No.8, ISO 3037, ISO 13821, SCAN P 33, TAPPI T 811, T 823,T 838, T 839

APPITA/AS 1301.430s, TAPPI T 821


Our sample holders comply with the following standards

L&W RCT sample holder: PAPTAC D.33P, DIN 53134, ISO 12192, JIS P8126, SCAN P34, TAPPI T818, T822
L&W CCT sample holder: SCAN P42, TAPPI T824, T843
L&W ECT sample holder, unwaxed sample: APPITA/AS 1301.444s, DIN 53149, EN ISO 3037, FEFCO No.8, ISO 3037, SCAN P33
L&W SQT sample holder: TAPPI T829


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