AB Lorentzen Wettre Autoline Sheet Feeding System

L&W Autoline Sheet Feeding System

Sheet feeder for L&W Autoline Profiler

Today, measuring large quantities of paper in order to guarantee statistical measurement results can easily be carried out using a sheet feeder connected to  L&W Autoline. L&W Autoline is a guarantee for repeatable results without operator intervention. It may be necessary to measure sheets at mills manufacturing sheeted paper and which need to carry out a statistical check of what is being delivered. Another need may be to carry out a measurement of complaints.

L&W Autoline Sheet Feeding System consists of a robust commercial sheet feeder. Well-tested to feed the sheets of paper. The sheet feeder is placed at the short side of the profile bench. One sheet at a time is fed into the L&W Autoline in which they are subsequently measured in the different modules. Several sheets can be in the profile bench at the same time.

The test sheets are filled from the top to a maximum height of 660 mm. This corresponds to approximately 6,600 sheets of copying paper. A stack of test sheets can consist of several different types of paper. When a sheet with a barcode is found in the stack (a barcode reader is included in the sheet feeder), this indicates that this is the first sheet in the series. Sheets below this sheet are regarded as belonging to the same series until the next barcode is detected. The operator can produce new barcodes by specifying identity and measurement programme.  The code is printed in the barcode printer included in the delivery.

The recommended sheet size is for A3 sheets (297 x 420 mm – 11.7 x 16.5 in). If all measurement cannot be carried out, e.g. due to too many destructive measurements, an additional series of sheets should be prepared and measurements on these should be carried out.

Sheet measurement is easy to cancel in order to measure profile strips instead. A special roller holder for profile strips is placed above the sheet feed table to facilitate this measurement.


The L&W Autoline Sheet Feeding System – Code 570
The L&W Autoline Sheet Feeding System
Barcode printer
Barcode reader


Grammage range for the sheet feeder
40 – 250 g/m²
Sheet size:
Minimum 420 mm (A3-format -- 297 x 420 mm – 11.7 x 16.5 in)
Maximum 297 x 940 mm (11.7 x 37 in)
Maximum stack height
660 mm (26 in)
Installation requirements

Instrument air
0.6-1.0 MPa
350 W



1,5 × 1,0 x 1,3  m (closed)
59 x 39 x 52 in
2,1 × 1,0 x 1,3  m (open)
83 x 39 x 52 in

1,56  m³

100 kg
220 lb


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