AB Lorentzen Wettre Autoline Sample Loading System

L&W Autoline Sample Loading System

Sample loader for L&W Autoline Profiler

Our sample loader, L&W Autoline Sample Loading System, makes L&W Autoline Profiler even more efficient. Operators simply put a paper sample into one of the loader’s cassettes – the rest is done automatically. The loader has the capacity for up to 12 cassettes, which can be loaded with new samples and profile strips at any time

L&W Autoline Sample Loading System is perfect for production units in which the regular checking of product quality, combined with fast access to results for process optimization purposes, are key factors.


Takes strips and single sheets

L&W Autoline Sample Loading System automatically feeds paper samples into L&W Autoline Profiler. This makes fully automated paper testing a reality, as the operator only needs to put the paper samples in the cassette. The sample loader can take up to 12 cassettes, which can be loaded with new sheets and profile strips at any time, even when L&W Autoline Profiler is testing a different sample. The width range of the strips is 295–307 mm and the minimum length is 400 mm. The Autoline Paper Holder, a specially designed sample carrier allows for testing of A4 and letter-sized (8½” × 11”) sample sheets.

Based on bar codes

L&W Autoline Sample Loader is supplied with a bar-code printer and bar-code reader. The printer produces labels for sample identification. The bar-code reader identifies the samples to be measured and sends this information to L&W Autoline. The bar code does not just identify the sample to L&W Autoline. It also contains information to specify the exact test programs to be performed, including module choice and testing frequency.

L&W Autoline Sample Loader in combination with an L&W Autoline Bending Resistance module is not recommended. There is a risk that the bending resistance will be affected if the sample is rolled to too small a radius.

  • Takes up to 12 paper samples – CD profile strips, MD strips, A3, A4
    or letter-sized
  • The cassettes can be loaded during the testing operation
  • Single sheets and/or profile strips can be loaded
  • Supplied with a bar-code printer and bar-code reader
  • The bar code can be used to specify the test program used for each sample
  • Optimizes the efficiency of L&W Autoline 400
  • Totally automates the testing sequence
  • Easy to service and maintain

L&W Autoline Sample Loading System – Code 525

L&W Autoline Sample Loading System
Bar-code printer
Bar-code reader
12 complete cassettes

Installation requirements

Instrument air
0.6–1.0 MPa (90–150 psi)
80 W (supply via L&W Autoline Profiler)


1.1 × 0.7 × 2.3 m
43 × 27 × 90 in
3.6 m³
130 ft³

Weight without cassettes

200 kg
440 lb
Cassette weight
max 12 cassettes
2 kg each
4 lb each


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