IKA® Rotary Evaporators

IKA® Rotary Evaporators

Safe, innovative design includes unique reversing feature for better evaporation
Ten year warranty—best in the industry!
Standard motorized lift automatically lifts flask out of bath in case of power failure
Smooth start reduces chance of splashing

Unique oblong bath design heats up faster than other leading brands


These rotary evaporators were designed and engineered for ease of use, while maintaining the highest level of safety. Motorized lift is standard, making for easier removal of the evaporating flask from the hot water/oil bath. The motorized lift automatically removes evaporating flask from bath in case of a power failure to minimize loss of your experiment. The reversing brushless DC-drive motor introduces a unique rotational pattern by automatically reversing direction for quicker recovery of samples. Motor features a smooth start at 100 rpm to minimize the chance of splashing. Digital rotation speed display is standard on all models, making for easier repetition of parameters.
The unique bath design provides faster heating, allowing for quicker experiments. Nonexposed heating coils and integrated handles provide safe operation. Bath heats from 20 to 180°C, adding versatility by allowing use of water or oil.
Units are available with or without safety-coated glassware to minimize breakage and increase safety. Safety coating resists most solvents and acids, and protects you against shattered glass and dangerous reagents due to broken glass.

Basic Evaporators are ideal for routine distillations, and feature digital rotational speed setting and display from 20 to 270 rpm. Bath temperature is controlled by analog controller from 20 to 180C.
Digital Evaporators provide more control and easier repetition with a digital display for both rotational speed and bath temperature. Infrared interface provides constant communication between the bath and main unit, allowing the unit to automatically shut down in case of abnormalities. The RS-232 port provides easy remote operation and collection of data with included labworldsoft software.

What's Included:

rotary evaporator, water/oil heating bath, condenser set, evaporatoring and condensing falsk (each 1 L), and 6-ft power cord.

Bath temperature Ambient to 180°C
Temp resolution Digital display
Rotation speed range 20 to 270 rpm
Speed resolution Digital display
Display Digital
Dimensions 19.7"W x 16.9"H x 16.1"D
Power VAC 230
Hz 50/60
Configuration Diagonal
Glass type Safety-coated


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