Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Preventive Maintenance and Service Agreement

DOGA LTD CO is always at your disposal with its experienced personnel in order to ensure its devices to be able to give uninterrupted service to you.
Our Company has achieved another first by producing unique solutions instead of standard maintenance / service operations.
In the standard service approach are commonly omitted the real problems you experience and preferred only the temporary solutions aiming to correct the problem of that moment instead of producing exact and correct solutions. The understanding of our company in this sense is to solve the service problems at the very beginning. Our company offers the maintenance and / service operations which provide flexibility in line with the structure of companies and special requests of individuals. Therefore, maintenance / service agreements are prepared as unique-to-customer in line with the specific needs of institutions and individuals.

Again a New First Protective Maintenance and Certified calibration (PMA)

DOGA LTD STI has offering the protective maintenance and calibration service in the Paper – Cardboard Industry for four years.

These studies are every year performed together with the engineers of producer companies and repeated periodically in the agreement companies.

Up to date, protective maintenance and calibration of approximately 400 quality control devices have been made and certified.