Bio Photometers

  • U-0080D Photodiode Array Bio Photometer

    Microestimation as low as 1μL is available. Since the whole wavelength region can be measured in 0.05seconds, a precious sample and time can be used effectively. It is a bio-oriented...

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Flame Photometers

  • Cole-Parmer ® Four Element Flame Photometer

    Provide accurate sodium, potassium, calcium, and lithium determinations Features additional calcium channel and lithium internal standard

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  • Cole-Parmer ® Dual Channel Flame Photometer

    This digital unit offers improved analytical performance over single-channel flame photometers in the measurement of sodium, potassium, and lithium ions.

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  • Cole-Parmer ® Single Channel Flame Photometer

    This digital flame photometer provides quick and accurate determinations of sodium, calcium, lithium and potassium in a wide variety of sample media.

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  • Cole-Parmer Economical Flame Photometer

    Automatic gas shutoff feature ensures operator safety Unit comes with Na+, K+, Li+, Ca+, and Ba+ filters

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