Turkchem Chem Show Eurasia 2012 / Istanbul (11-14 Ekim 2012)

Turkchem Chem Show Eurasia 2012/Istanbul (11-14 Ekim 2012)

We as Doga Ltd., would be glad to meet participants of Turkchem Chem Show Eurasia 2012 exhibition with the demo devices regarding the following brands we represent in Turkey: Cole-Parmer, Parr Instruments, Metrohm Applikon, SP Scientific (VIRTIS + GENEVAC).

We would like to meet our visitors at Hall 11 Booth# F 326.

Devices to be presented:  

-Cole Parmer / PicoSpin- “The World’s First Miniature NMR Spectrometer”, Masterflex Dosing pump (Peristaltic pump),  Viscometer  

-Parr Instrument Company / Latest Model 6400 Calorimeter, High-temperature High-Pressure Reactor System  

-Metrohm Applikon / ALERT Online Water Quality Analysis System- Photometric absorbtion measurements at visible light range  

-SP Scientific / Genevac - EZ2 Elite Personal Solvent Evaporator, Virtis - FreezeDryers

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