PMA (Protective Maintenance and Calibration) service will be given.

AB Lorentzen & Wettre 2009 PMA (Preventive Maintenance and Calibration) studies are planned to be performed at the end of May / beginning of June.

AB Lorentzen & Wettre Company is a leader company in the production of paper – cardboard quality control and process optimization testing devices for one hundred years. And we, as the distributor of Lorentzen & Wettre, have been trying to give the best pre- and post-sale services for about 25 years.

As AB Lorentzen & Wettre and DOĞA, we have giving the “PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE AND CALIBRATION SERVICE” to you, dear customers, since 2004.

AB L&W is a company which has ISO 9001 certificate in design, production, service, and calibration fields and internationally competent to perform the calibration studies. The company gives all the world the service and preventive maintenance operations by the hand of 50 engineers each being a specialist in service and calibration fields.Calibration and protective maintenance service is performed with the devices and equipment which were calibrated and certified by Sweden Calibration Institute, an accredited institution. Calibration operation is performed not superficially but comprehensively. That is, the engineer who performs the calibration opens the device in order to control all electronic and mechanical parts, replace the old parts by the new ones or perform the required maintenance, and in last, complete the calibration.A short training is given to the user during these operations.

We can summarize our other services under following topics.

  • Opportunity to have your "SAMPLES" tested in our central laboratory in Stockholm.
  • Process Optimization of your production machine. (Error detection and performing of process adjustment)
  • The training opportunity for the special groups in our central laboratory in Stockholm and our school, or in the country of our customer.
  • Our Company offers the calibration service not only for the devices of AB L&W but also for those of other producers which we are the agency.
  • UPGRADE service for your old devices
  • Comparing of your devices (ELREPHO) with other devices, repetition of measuring results, confirming the overlapping of measurement level, and making of the controls.
  • Supply of spare part by 10 years at minimum, and 15-20 years at maximum.



Our priority aim is to be able to perform the PMA studies in a regular basis and without interruption in your favor. Therefore, our customers who desire to enter in PMA program should send the list of their devices to be included in the program before the end of February and should get made their contracts.

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