Lorentzen & Wettre global distributor for Dantec Dynamics SensorLine

Lorentzen & Wettre global distributor for Dantec Dynamics SensorLine products 

The world wide known provider of laser optical measurements systems and sensors, Dantec Dynamics and Lorentzen & Wettre, have signed an exclusive partnership agreement in order to better provide the worlds pulp and paper industry with cost effective and reliable products for process optimization.

Dantec Dynamics' process optimization equipment is used in paper production to measure process speed, cross flows from the head box and the length of the finished roll of paper or board. Lorentzen & Wettre's process optimization equipment is used in the forming section and in the press section to optimize the dewatering for control of the fibre orientation, formation and the distribution of fine particles. Dantec Dynamics' SensorLine, on-line measurement products of process jet speed and misalignment angle is a perfect match with L&W TSO Tester from Lorentzen & Wettre, for measuring the tensile stiffness orientation and tensile stiffness index on the finish paper.
The combination of Lorentzen & Wettre's knowledge in process optimization and long time experience of the pulp and paper industry together with Dantec Dynamics' expertise in speed measurements and on-line fibre orientation measurement creates a good foundation for improved productivity and quality of the finished paper product. The partnership agreement makes Lorentzen & Wettre the exclusive supplier of the SensorLine product group and services on all pulp and paper markets.
"The paper and pulp industry is highly competitive and is meeting great challenges in the form of higher energy and raw material prices. At the same time, the requirements for paper quality are rising and the tolerance is falling. It has become increasingly important to reduce manufacturing costs. Lorentzen & Wettre's products contribute to raising paper quality and reducing manufacturing costs as well as the consumption of raw materials and energy and through this new agreement with Dantec Dynamics we further strengthen our position as the world leader of advanced equipment for quality control. This also gives us the pleasure of being able to offer our customers a more complete solution for reducing cost while maintaining a high quality." says Peter Uddfors, President, AB Lorentzen & Wettre.
"Seen an increasing focus on reducing cost in the paper manufacturing process. Our products give our customers the opportunity to monitor and consequently optimise the paper quality at a very early stage in the manufacturing process and thereby achieve substantial savings. With Lorentzen & Wettre's global distribution network and their high level of expertise within quality control for paper and pulp manufacturing we are very pleased that we have reached an agreement with Lorentzen & Wettre to distribute our products." says Knud Foldschack, CEO of Dantec Dynamics A/S « Return to News