Featured New Products From Cole-Parmer!! Handheld Digital Microscopes with USB Port

Handheld Digital Microscopes

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Just plug this and held microscope into the USB port of your PC or laptop and you’re ready to go. A simple press of the shutter trigger quickly captures the high-resolution magni- fied image. Active Pixel Technology produces sharp images and accurate color reproduction. Six built-in lights with adjustable brightness ensure proper il- lumination. Capture images and videos through useof the included software (requires Windows®  XP, SP2, or Vista). The software also features a measurement function, brightness and contrast controls, digital zoom, and date and time record.


Cole-Parmer ®  Stir-Pak ®Heavy-Duty Mixers 

Feature modular system for maximum versatility. System components sold separately or as convenient, complete system packages. To customize your own system, simply start witha solid-state speed controller, add one of four mixing heads (depending on your speed and torque requirements), select a shaft and propeller, then choose from clamps and stands that best suit your application.

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