Another great System from Lorentzen & Wettre

To optimize and control the pulp and papermaking processes, operators need frequent and fast pulp quality information. With L&W Pulp Tester it is possible to get standardized measurement results online with the same accuracy as in the laboratory!


L&W Pulp Tester
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Lorentzen & Wettre is going for market and quality leadership also in pulp testing; announcing L&W Pulp Tester, a comprehensive system for automatic quality control of the pulping process. It can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements regarding measurement of different properties, and it is an alternative for all pulp and papermaking applications – constantly providing a complete pulp quality specification.

L&W Pulp Tester measurements conform to established international standards, and together with the latest and fastest technique it is a major help in achieving uniform paper quality and stable runnability.

The system is built up of different modules, for example; fibre morphology (length, width, deformations, fines etc.) including fully automatic measurement of coarseness, optical properties (brightness, colour and ERIC 950), and standard freeness (Canadian Standard Freeness and Schopper-Riegler). Shives content and distribution are measured with optical technique and with better statistical significance than ever. Gravimetrical consistency measurements give a new dimension to many pulp properties besides Coarseness. L&W Pulp Tester can handle up to 10 process samplers and has a cycle time down to 4 minutes.

“The system provides reliable and fast fibre measurements. A small measurement gap according to the standard for fibre length measurements secure a perfect alignment of the fibres in the measurement cell, which is unique for online fibre analysers”, says Håkan Karlsson, Product Manager for L&W Pulp Tester.

“With our long experience in designing high quality instruments together with our global service organization, we guarantee the reliability of this new system”, says Peter Uddfors, President of Lorentzen & Wettre.

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