General Manager's Message

My precious friends,Haluk Tunçer; General Manager

The success we have attained in the 29th anniversary of our company is primarily due to the quality services and the value we paid to the mankind.

It is our organizational and social responsibility to let the youth attach importance on our national culture, natural resources and environment.

We make every effort with due diligence to offer the most advanced technological products which comply with the international standards to the researchers and the industry with customer satisfaction in pre sales and after sales services without concession from honest business principles.

We as “DOĞA” are proud of providing the systems and devices which you may require, from the leading and world wide reputable firms with the contributions of our experienced staff.

We are extremely happy to let our friends be informed of the technological and sectoral innovations and contribute on their taking advantage of such innovative facilities.

I hereby thank to all of our friends and business partners who do not withhold their precious contributions.

Yours sincerely,

Haluk Tuncer
General Manager