Blood Bank Refrigerators

  • Nor-Lake Blood Bank Refrigerators

    Store temperature sensitive samples without worry Visual and audible alarm with remote contacts

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  • Thermo Scientific Revco® Blood Bank Refrigerators

    Designed to meet strict blood storage requirements, adjustable temperature control range +1°C to +8°C, setpoint security system with key operation,audible/visual alarm for temperature and power alter

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Chromotography Refrigerators

  • Marvel Scientific Chromotography Refrigerators

    Convenient, undercounter storage for all your chromatography needs

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  • Nor-Lake Chromotography Refrigerators

    Designed for the most demanding chromatography needs

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  • StableTemp Chromatography Refrigerators

    Ideal for use with entire TLC assemblies, tanks, plates, columns, developing tanks and rack/tank assemblies

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General Purpose Refrigerators

  • Nor-Lake General Purpose Laboratory Refrigerators

    Designed for the demanding laboratory Heavy-duty refrigeration system is top mounted to give you maximum storage inside.

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  • Thermo Scientific Upright Refrigerators

    Low-cost refrigerators designed for your laboratory applications

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Laboratory Refrigerators

  • Nor-Lake Premier Laboratory Refrigerators

    Maximum capacity for storage of your valuable samples

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  • Stable Temprature Laboratory Refrigerators

    Keylocked power switches and doors allow storage of perishable, limited-access laboratory materials

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  • Thermo Scientific Revco® Laboratory Space-Saver Refrigerator with Single Door

    Thermo Scientific Revco IntrLogicTM controller simplifies operation and improves reliability, maintains stability, promotes top to bottom uniformity and improves temperature recovery following dooropenings

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Undercounter Refrigerators

  • Marvel Scientific Undercounter Drawer Refrigerator

    Easily access your refrigerated items while standing at your lab bench

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  • Nor-Lake Premier Undercounter Refrigerator

    Maintain uniform temperature for your critical sample storage

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  • Thermo Scientific Undercounter Refrigerators

    Thermo Scientific general-purpose refrigerators are designed to meet most laboratory requirementsideal for storing biological and nonflammable materials.

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